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In the intricate world of precision assembly, every detail matters. At TESLNIK PRIVATE LIMITED, we understand the critical role that screw tightening plays in ensuring the reliability and longevity of your products. Our commitment to precision assembly led us to develop cutting-edge controllers for Clutch-based Electric Screwdrivers, elevating the intelligence of the traditional screwdriver and revolutionizing the assembly process.

Why We Exist:

At the core of our existence is the belief that precision in assembly is non-negotiable. Traditional assembly processes often face challenges in detecting screw tightening errors, leading to compromised product quality and reliability. TESLNIK PRIVATE LIMITED, was born to address this crucial gap, providing innovative solutions that empower manufacturers to achieve absolute accuracy in tightening of every screw, nut, and bolt.

Our Unique Offering: 

Our controllers are meticulously designed to enhance the capabilities of Clutch-based Electric Screwdrivers, making them intelligent and error-proof. By seamlessly detecting and correcting screw tightening errors during assembly, we ensure that your products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Compatibility and Flexibility: 

What sets us apart is the versatility of our controllers. They can be effortlessly paired with a wide range of Clutch-based Electric Screwdrivers from renowned brands. This compatibility ensures that you can integrate our intelligent solutions into your existing assembly processes without the need for a complete overhaul.

Ease of Use and Customization:

We understand that efficiency is key. That's why our controllers boast features that are not only advanced but also incredibly easy to use. From intuitive interfaces to customizable settings, we empower your assembly line operators to tailor the screw tightening process to the unique requirements of your products.

Cost-Effective Excellence: 

Investing in precision assembly shouldn't break the bank. We pride ourselves on offering the best cost per feature in the industry. Our controllers not only enhance productivity and precision but also do so in a cost-effective manner. Your investment in our products translates into a tangible increase in overall assembly efficiency.

At TESLNIK PRIVATE LIMITED, our mission is clear: to empower manufacturers with the tools they need to achieve unparalleled precision in assembly. Choose us not just for our innovative controllers but for a partnership dedicated to elevating the quality and reliability of your products. Join us on the journey towards precision excellence — where every screw tightened is a testament to your commitment to perfection.

Company's History


Company was Founded


Launched SDC- Screwdriver Counter


Launched ITMS- Intelligent Torque Monitoring System

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